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About the Forum

The Forum, which has existed since January 2005,  holds quarterly public meetings for local older people aged 60+ to attend. We also welcome carers and anyone interested in older people, including West Sussex County Councillors, Horsham District, Parish and Neighbourhood Councillors, and health professionals.


We also hold MP Question Time events during the year where we can put questions to our  Horsham district MP.  This year, 2024, our MP Question Time is 10 am on Friday 6th December 24. We welcome your questions to ask our MPs at the events. 

See the Events page for details of all our upcoming meetings.


The Forum exists for anyone to raise issues related to or affect local older people.

We take action where possible on issues that are raised, i.e. taking up with local councils or with initiating projects; we have worked with Horsham District Council on projects, for example, the acclaimed Horsham District Directory of Older Peoples Services; we also act as an information hub and consultative group for anyone seeking the views of older people in the district on particular plans, topics or schemes that may affect older people.

If you have an issue affecting local older people, it can be raised with the Forum and a guest speaker invited to discuss the issue and, if possible, look to taking action.

Examples of the Forum successfully taking action in response to issues raised at the Forum are the Mobility Scooter Safety Training scheme and holding public meetings via Zoom to hear both sides when Horsham District Councillors were proposing the development of and loss of the Rookwood golf course and green space. The YouTube video of that meeting can be viewed online here

​The Forum is also actively promoting the national Chatty Cafe Scheme to tackle loneliness for all ages. 

At our public meetings, we invite guest speakers to address current concerns and issues. For example, we have Laura Robertson of Sussex NHS Sussex Health Commissioners updating us on the latest on Covid booster vaccinations, rollout, boosters, Flu jab, access to GPs, etc.  

The Forum is funded through a discretionary Community Grant from the Horsham District Council and funds raised through sales of weekly lottery tickets from the Horsham District Community Lottery.

Meet the Team

Graham Sitton has been a supporter of the Forum since 2015. Graham is an active committee member and is also a member of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioners Elder Commission.

Derek Moore has been our secretary since September 2019. Derek is also part of Southwater Community Partnership and a tutor on the Horsham Mobility Scooter Training Scheme. Derek is also Chairman of Southwater Parish Council and Parish Councillor.

Martin Bruton, our Chairman from 2014 until October 2023, now has the role of Forum Treasurer and maintains and updates the Forum website. Martin is also a Director of Horsham Town Community Partnership. Martin is also a long-serving Horsham NHW street co-ordinator. 

Stacey Cullen,  Head of Localities (West) Age UK, West Sussex Brighton & Hove, which covers Horsham district and Lavinia House. Stacey is currently standing in as Forum Chairman whilst a new Chairman is found.

David Searle is the director (and until December 2023) and chairman of Horsham Town Community Partnership and the main project leader of the highly praised Horsham Riverside Walk enhancement project. David is also a tutor for the Horsham Mobility Scooter Training Scheme and a Parish Councillor for North Horsham PC.

Leo Jago. It is with great sadness that we have to say that Leo passed away on the 22nd of April 24. Leo has been a staunch and valued Forum supporter & committee member since 2018.  Leo will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Lilian Bold is a Member of the West Sussex CCG Clinical Patient Reference Group, Park Surgery PPG, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, and the Public Governor for the Horsham District.

Hayley Dower, Age UKWSB&H, Senior Community Developer and Horsham Locality Village Agent, Broadbridge Heath.

Les Amstead joined the Committee in March 2024 and lives in Horsham.

Lisa Brown, the HDC Community Link Alarm Service manager, joined the committee in April 2024.

If you could support the Horsham District Older Peoples Forum by being on the Committee, please get in touch;  you will be most welcome!

Consultation Requests

If you or your organisation or company wish to consult older people in the Horsham District, please use the contact page to contact us.

The West Sussex County Council Consultation Hub site will help you find and participate in consultations that interest you. You can also register to join the ‘e panel’.

Our Constitution

Click here to read our 2022 constitution

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