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Let's start at 10.30am! MP Question Time 25th November

As can be expected of any hard working MP and government minister to boot, Jeremy Quin is a very busy man! Fridays, being his only Constituency day, he wants to meet as many people as he possibly can. Fortunately, Mr Quin is still attending our Forum MP Question Time on Friday 25th November but at 10.30am and can only give us an hour of his time as he has other meetings to attend before and after.

The meeting will be both in person or via Zoom. In person at Age UK, Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Denne Road, Horsham. If you have yet to book your place, or require the Zoom joining information, please do so via the Contact page on our website.

It would assist, as we only have an hour, if you have a question you'd like answered by Mr Quin, that you submit that asap via the Contact

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