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Wow! Check these guest speakers out!

Horsham District Older Peoples Forum are pleased to confirm that, yet again, we have such excellent guest speakers for the last three public meetings this year. Check these out!

All our meetings are held at Age UK, Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Denne Road, Horsham RH12 1GZ, or you can attend via Zoom. There will be free tea and coffee available before the meeting.

Our meetings are informal and friendly. We do not record or take notes of what is said.

Wednesday 30th August 10.30 am

Martin Boffey, the new Leader of Horsham District Council (HDC).

The political leadership of HDC has changed after 24 years, from Conservative controlled, to Liberal Democrat. We will ask Mr Boffey what surprises he had when he and his fellow party councillors took over, what plans they have for the future of our District and, of course, your questions. Due to limited time, if you have a specific question you’d like answered, please email them to us.

Tom Goodridge Sussex NHS - Public Involvement Lead for West Sussex, with Lucy Beaumont

Forum meetings have raised concerns about online NHS services and how to access them through mobile phones, computers, and tablets. The main concerns are what happens if you don’t use a computer or mobile phone? What services are or will only be computer/online in the future? Please let us know before the meeting if you have a specific question you’d like answered. Tom & Lucy will also update us on the latest developments in our local health services, GP surgeries, vaccinations etc.

Do you know about a weekly audio recording with news, information and articles from the West Sussex County Times read by volunteers, supplied and delivered free to the visually impaired? This is a much-appreciated service by those who use it, and many more visually impaired people would love to have this service if they only knew about it.

Wednesday 18th October 2 pm

Do you know what our Police and Crime Commissioner's job is? Are you happy with the service that Sussex Police provide? Do you feel safe? What would you like to ask her?

We will also hold our annual AGM after Katy, which usually only takes a few minutes. Please come forward if you want to join our committee and make a difference in your community.

Friday 1st December 10 am

…and what is the government doing about it? Well, this is your opportunity to ask. Jeremy Quin is the Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office, so he knows what is going on in the heart of our government and will update us on the current political situation at home and abroad. He will only be with us for an hour or so, so please, if there is a question you’d like to put, then send it to us well before the meeting if possible.

Helen Rice, CEO of AGE UK

Helen will be there to talk to us about the State of Health and Care of Older People in 2023 and answer your concerns and questions.

Laura Robertson, Sussex NHS

Again, Laura will be giving us the latest update on our local NHS services, including what’s happening with vaccinations, GP surgeries, and hospitals, and to answer your questions and concerns. Laura is a much-valued part of our Forum meetings.

Phillip Mockett, HDC Community Link Alarms

Phillip will explain the latest on community link alarms that enable local residents to live independently and provide peace of mind for family and friends by bringing help at the press of a button.

We appreciate your email letting us know you intend to attend all or any of our meetings. We can send the joining information if you want to attend via Zoom.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the older people of our district. You can also support us through the Horsham District Community Lottery.

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